How To Write An Effective Online Dating Profile


Getting attention in online dating sites is a tough competition. Out of the millions of users, some would lie about themselves, fake their pictures, and spread false info just to get attention. Honesty is the most integral part of any online dating profile. You wouldn’t want your own lies to backfire you in the long run. So what I’m trying to say is that, being as an online dating person, your online dating profile should be on top priority. It is the representation of you to others. As much as you want to be liked by different people, one must create a likable profile which befits your true personality and character. With this in mind, you will be in the position to create your unique and effective online dating profile.

Everyone is looking on the pictures first, am I right? So gather up your best pictures that really represent you as a person and worth remembering for others to see. Make your online dating picture as irresistible as possible but absolutely no show-off or sexually enticing shots. Limit your pictures to 5, and change it once a month if possible. With this, people will know that you’re always active in updating your profile.

The most important part of your profile is the content. How do you make the content of your profile?

I know it’s not easy but there’s no need to rush. You can actually make a draft first and read it yourself. If you are convince with those word choices and the content in itself; then you should be posting it right away. Profile contents are different from every person. But effective online dating profiles have different strategic approaches that can drive your readers to take interest in you. Just be yourself and honestly put in significant things about you, without sounding like bragging. There are a lot of do’s and don’ts too which you can outsource to different online dating tip sites. They can surely help you out in every aspect. Don’t mess around with your profile, take professional advices which can really help you out.



Online Dating Profile Examples For Men


Majority of registered users in all online dating sites are men by a small margin. That only means to say that there are millions of men out there who also engage in online dating. I have read a lot of online dating profiles and to my surprise, only about 10% have really made a good use of it. Men, majority of it, write online dating profiles like trash. This also goes to women in writing their dating profile, but not the majority of them. I am here to enlighten men in making their online dating profile as interesting, attractive, effective and sensible.

Going back to my post about online dating profiles, the very first thing that you should really give priority is your profile picture. Let’s get real guys, chicks dig handsome men. Much more if you have a Porsche, a Cadillac, or a Lamborghini in your picture with you riding in it. This will really attract people’s attention to your profile and then they will dig in to your profile description.

The profile description is the core of every person’s profile. You describe yourself and what you expect to be your partner. But with that profile format, you will just be like anybody else. Plain. Boring.

Your profile is your best tool in marketing yourself. You show them who you are and how can you be different and interesting person. Yet, everyone wants to be unique too. So how will you stand out?

Simply, you need to strike both expertise in writing and marketing. Don’t go too much on marketing yourself coz it may sound like you’re a pimp. Don’t write so formally coz you may sound like a political diplomat. My online dating profiles for men will show you the most appropriate basis on how to make your profile work for you. And I also got examples of undesirable and outrageous profiles which you will never be tempted to read again.

Examples of “agony profile” are from those people who write their online dating profile in a very negative way and uncomely way. They tend to whine, or shove away people who they don’t like or restrict too much on the people who will email them.  They even put out of this world stories and whatsoever unrelated topics.

An example of a good, sound, and outstanding profile is that it can really entertain readers, especially women. With subtle humorous descriptions, you will be able to make them enjoy reading your profile. You point out all the positive points but not using too much adjectives about you.  Writing your profile is like speaking to everyone who might find you interesting and ignoring all the haters.

I hope these tips of mine can really help men improve their profiles. But as I tour around online dating sites, It only gets worse. Finding true love in online dating is being true to your profile and finding that genuine person who will take interest in you.


Online Dating For Free


Who says online dating is cheap? Absolutely not. There are millions of people out there who register to online dating sites on both paid and free membership. Online dating for free gives you the advantage to test if online dating is suitable for you without even shedding a dime. As you advance your skills in free online dating and a few realizations as to what type of person you are looking and what kind of community you want to search; then you can narrow down your choices to websites that suits you. Singles online dating can be a very fun experience. You can have a wide range of activities and all the singles online dating you can interact with. Online dating for free is being offered by majority of online dating sites. They gain revenues not by paid subscription but through advertisements. Although online dating for free is good news; there are also risks involved. As the growing community of single online dating increase – so as the number of fraud accounts which are being used to scam people. It is inevitable that once you get through online dating, you will see or get a message from a fraud account. You have to be aware and be resourceful in finding information on how to detect people who scam. Online dating for free can be for everyone. Even if you’re a single parent, hopeless romantic, a senior or even a married man or woman wanting discreet relationship – you can find an appropriate dating site that suits you.


Single Parents Online Dating Sites


Even you’re a single parent; you shouldn’t close your doors to another relationship which can truly make you happy. Relationships can be broken but we can always rebuild another one with true acceptance to your child. Online dating has become a versatile match making system which creates numerous, and diverse relationships; not matter how complicated it is.  There are thousand, even millions of people who are single parents that go for online dating. Online dating singles may take interest of you too. As a single parent, it is an asset rather than a drawback to have a child.  You are already blessed in that stage of your life, and many people would like to take care of that blessing with you. There are online dating sites which have a community of single parents like you. Single parents will meet other single parents and mingle with each other; hopefully to build another fruitful relationship and a successful family life.  It’s never too late to start a family again. It’s much better than to have a broken family, right?

You can try famous single parents websites such as,, or Even though there ar lots of specific websites for single parents, other online dating sites are also open for you. Actually, all of them. It’s much better to have a partner that has a mindset like you do. Being a single parent is not easy, and finding a single parent partner can be a rewarding result.

Senior Singles Online Dating


It’s never too late to find our true love. As we go along in life, we meet people and have relationship. It’s a trial and error process that leads to our final goal – our perfect match. But sometimes, you get so unlucky of finding that person until your hair is all gray. In this generation, you can’t just sit over your window like an old man or woman waiting for the love of your life to pass by. You have to make a way in order to be happy. Even at such a late age, you still deserve it. It’s your time to join the league of senior singles online dating. Singles online dating is not just for teens or professionals; it could be for anyone, anywhere! Don’t let your age stop you. You don’t have to look far or just sit for the right moment.  It is never too late to find that person online. There are lots of seniors who also go through online dating longing to find a true friend, activity partner, and a best buddy.


What is the Best Online Dating Site For Everyone? has been a pioneer and the biggest online dating site there is. It has well established reputation and millions of subscribers that can testify its matchmaking prowess. welcomes everyone; whether you’re black, white, Asian, Christian, Muslim, senior or a teenager. Unlike specific online dating sites which caters to different kinds of ethnic groups or religion, opens doors to a complex community as long as you are willing to pursue you dream of finding your match.


This is a paid membership site where you have to pay for monthly subscription. As for results; many people are happy and satisfied with the services. Aside from that, there are also a lot of YouTube videos that would recommend Even to professional dating reviews, they would rank as top 1; based on services, millions of subscribers and features than can attest to their success. There are also a lot of online dating site that comes close. But if ever you are thinking of joining the online dating community, then you know where to go. Only the best online dating site as of the present,


Online Dating Sites Reviews

The growing industry of online dating have produced so many online dating sites which cater to different people, levels of society, religion etc.  Online Dating Sites Reviews became more important in order to guide new people who are new to online dating sites. Reviews serve as a guide to many people so that they won’t be lost in choosing the best suited services for everyone. New online dating sites increase and become more specific in catering the appropriate services to different communities. Therefore reviews are needed to help readers know not only the best online dating sites, but even the worst dating sites around. There are online dating reviews for religious groups, specific countries, ethnic groups and age brackets. You can find different reviews on the web. Here is my random online dating review sites which you can update yourself anytime. – offers a variety of reviews from different kinds of online dating sites. It includes best online dating sites which have been voted by many users. They also categorize best online dating sites based on statistics and amount of new members each day. – gives you their top 100. Generalized categorization and they rank it out based on factors that affect the online dating community in general. – the most famous Forbes website also have very concrete and credible source of reviews on online dating sites. This is no doubt a review professionally done. – have reviews for all kinds of products including dating. Need to explain more?

List Of Dating Sites For Christians

If you are Christian and living the values everyday (even to dating) , you may well prefer choose a dating community online that follow the same tradition and be attracted to people who share the same faith. Most dating sites have narrowed down your search to Christians you’re likely want to meet. There are lots of Christian online dating sites and have become popular because of having the best social community. Some are counted in as one of the best online dating site too. Here is my random list of best online dating sites for Christians you will like to try.

  1. BigChurch – is an international dating site for Christians. Merging values to relationships even to online dating.  It offers Christian personals, video chat, blogs and the opportunity to participate in the community’s online magazine. The site is well-designed and easy to use.
  2. ChristianCafe – offers 10 day free trial with an online dating community mostly from UK, USA and other English speaking countries.  It offers a fine mix of features including instant messaging, chat rooms and forums and an online prayer service.
  3. CatholicMingle – Majorities are US members but is always open to other Christian Countries. It is a sister site of most popular Christian dating sites but more specific to Catholics. It still offers good basic features like the other sister sites.
  4. – is a new international Christian dating site that offers membership at a very surprisingly low cost. One of the cheapest memberships on online dating sites. The features are never compromised because it has compatibility test and matching plus some promos on mission trip and cruises.
  5. ChristianConnection – is exclusive only for people in UK and Ireland. The site offers both online and Christian singles’ events all over the country. It offers a free trial period too. It is easy to use, which is designed by Christians too.

Although Christian dating sites have a very good set of dating community, it doesn’t mean that there are no fraud or scam accounts present. Christians are well known to be good natured, and that have good values is what scammers see as an opportunity to take advantage of. You can also check my online dating sites reviews for additional information on different sites and their communities.


Free Online Dating Chat and Random Tips on Chat

Online Dating Chat


Chatting is the digital representation of real life conversation with the use of internet and social networks in order to communicate even from long distances. The concept of chat has been adapted worldwide by many companies, social networking sites, and can be easily installed to people’s desktop or laptop. The ease of use and the versatility of the software being used can give you features like any other communication gadgets can achieve. It has become integral to almost all kinds of communication servers.

Online Dating Sites also use the chat system as their best feature. Online Dating Free Sites provide these features for no extra cost. Pain membership sites improve the online dating chat system with extra applications like avatars which they outsource from third party vendors. Online Dating Chat has become a necessity in all dating sites. Obviously, chat boxes become venues of good conversation and building trust between online dating members. If the online dating site that you have signed up for have no chat feature, better think twice already.