Online Dating Profile Examples For Women

Online Dating Profile Examples For Women


Online dating profiles are really important. You can use it to your advantage in getting an attractive and worthy partner in online dating. I have already made a post on online dating profile in general just a while ago. There are some special considerations that should be applied on your online dating profile if you’re a woman searching for a man.

The fact is women are the most often abused being throughout history and in our sociological stratosphere. Women became more empowered overtime and in this modern world. But still, cases of abuses are still counting and online dating is to no exception to that. So I have made online dating examples for women to help them manage their online dating life by doing the profile the right way – both Do’s and Don’ts.

1. NEVER put a profile picture revealing your entire dignity even just a portion of it. That means posing nude, showing boobs etc.Unless you just want a fling or a hook up, then do that. If you’re into serious relationship, then by all means, No.

2. Don’t put stories of your past relationships in your profile. Instead, put in what you expect for a future boyfriend. It will really turn off men and online dates coz you tend to talk alot about your past.

3. Never reveal your home address or such important information that can jeopardize your safety.

4. Always let someone know who you are dating online. Cases of rape and sexual harassment were reported with no identifiable suspect because no one was informed who the woman was dating. Safety will always save a life.

5. Always update your profile of your recent activities. This will make men take interest in you.

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