– Online Dating Profile

– Online Dating Profile


Online Dating is a simple process of introducing yourself to the online dating community and meet someone who you are mutually interested in, and someday can be your possible lifetime partner. It is a really convenient yet exciting experience to date online. The internet and online dating services serve as a gateway for people to meet and greet rather than on the bus stop, night club, one-way street, school or a local bookstore. How do you introduce yourself then? Do you know how what to do other than filling out the membership forms?

Making your online dating profile is one of the most essential component you need in order to be attract more online daters to take interest in you, other than just looks. You profile picture is your best appetizer in online dating. Put your best recent profile picture – not animated, not edited, and it should be 100% yours. You profile is, like your own self, introducing in front of millions of audience in all walks of life and telling them you need someone like this… like that…  There are appropriate profiles for men and women which I also made some different tips.

Here are my best tips in making the best online dating profile:

  1. Be precise, specific and straightforward in writing your profile. Don’t repeat anymore the information that is already shown like your birth date, location and age etc. unless it is necessary. Minimize your shortcuts and use proper letter writing procedures. Never write in caps lock! EXAMPLE: DO YOU REALLY LIKE READING THIS?! IT SEEMS LIKE SHOOUTING HUH?
  2. Enumerate your requirements of the guy you are looking for. Stick to it as your dating guideline. With this information, you can minimize unnecessary dating proposals to men or women you don’t like.
  3. Elaborate your interests, not your life story. Your online dating site is not your diary where you tell your day to day life since childhood. It is to match someone’s interest with and matching the standards that you have set (including the looks and personality).
  4. Never be negative on your profile. Don’t talk shit or trash about anything. Be positive and welcoming.
  5. Update all time. Be patient and prudent in your replies. Once in a while, change your header and profile picture.



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